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April 2016 Focused on upcycling

Established in Kumamoto Prefecture as a unisex costume jewelry brand.

Immediately after setting up an atelier in the city, it was damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake.

Moved the atelier to his home in the north of the prefecture.

We regularly hold limited shops and exhibitions mainly in Tokyo and Osaka.

Main exhibition events    Main client

In April 2017, the activity was suspended due to renewal, and the base was moved to Taito-ku, Tokyo.

The HOLE 展示・出店経歴

Fashion is a physical way of self-expression, i.e.

If it is "armor that can be worn on the body"

music is spiritual

In other words, I think it's "armor to put on the heart".

A story about accessories born for people who wear fashion and music.

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The HOLEのブランドヒストリー

The HOLE Director/Designer

Shiori Maeda

Profile    Career

The HOLEのデザイナープロフィール
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