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Ever since I can remember, the memories that have lived in me have always been accompanied by music.

Even noises that cannot be called music remain sensibly as musical tones accompanied by a solid melody, and the same goes for scents, colors, and atmospheres.

For me, I was not good at expressing myself with words and numbers, and felt that it was more difficult than others to share my feelings and emotions.

Content with strong sensory elements, such as fashion, music, and art,It was indispensable to maintain ego in connection with people and live.


If I had to force myself to give reasons for not giving up manufacturing, I think it would be this.

Tracing back, I think it all started with something from a childhood friend.

After graduating from high school, I went to a school in an urban area about an hour away from my hometown, and while I was busy with internships and part-time jobs, I returned home for the summer vacation. I was invited to the BBQ of the band circle where my childhood friend was the manager, with a unique student vibe.

I didn't dislike Japanese rock, but I didn't have a connection with the live house where I had the image that local indie bands were doing well with my family.

By the time I returned to my hometown and started working at a cafe,

Going to a live house after work was also a daily routine.

I was working as an apprentice barista at a resort hotel in New Zealand for a year right before I returned to my hometown for a job.There, I came into contact with people and cultures from all over the world.further byIs it because I have a diverse set of values?

The memory of the live house around this time was a genre different from the "music" in me until then.Engraved with a unique emotion.

At an interview with the president of a cafe production company that I joined with the aim of becoming a barista,I had a promise. That promise with the president was also a vow to myself.

“Honestly, the food and beverage industry is not easy. I think you will soon become exhausted and hate me. I promise that if you don't give up halfway through, I will never let that dream come to an end.Three years from now, I will definitely make you the first official barista in our group and make coffee. I'll have you launch a new store that specializes in it.No matter what happens, I will never give up on you, as long as I can promise you that I will continue to pursue my dreams without giving up."

Born in the middle of the relaxed generation, I was a sweetheart who was allowed to do everything I wanted to do, but three years later, I collapsed from overwork on the last day of the reception party for the opening of the new store.

In the first year, he was entrusted with the management of up to three stores, and in the spring of the second year, due to sleeplessness, he caused a car accident on a national highway at dawn, and in an instant, he was dragged out of the wrecked car and survived. Even so, despite the opposition of my family and lover, I continued, but I felt that I had finally reached my physical and mental limits, and decided to distance myself from the cafe.

However, all the senior employees below the manager had already left the company, and the members could not leave the store, which was formed only by the opening staff, immediately.

I was semi-forced to work on time, and I was given regular breaks. When I left the store, I was worried and uneasy, but the only thing I could calmly work on was fashion and manufacturing, which I love.

At that time, I especially liked listening to 90's grunge rock. I felt a high degree of originality and free creative spirit in the grunge of this period, which reminded me of the relationship between fashion and music.

I purposely rented a room that didn't need to be restored to its original state, made a dress out of my father's old GAP hoodie, and liked a choker made from velor scraps I found at a handicraft store on the way to work. I was able to have a lot of time, and the DIY was even more spurred.

One day, the drummer's lover, who was living with him at the time, came home with a broken cymbal on his way home from the studio. It's a small, thin splash cymbal that cracked at the edge and is unusable.

The cymbal's manufacturer's logo was cut out in the shape of a guitar pick and used as a pendant and earrings.

A close relationship with the grunge band, which can be said to be the origin of my manufacturing spirit.

It was the first work with the brand name [The HOLE], which is a combination of the name of a certain American band, music hall, and pierce hole.


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